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Like all businesses, development takes place when additional services are requested, opportunities present themselves and action is taken to push the business further. DJ JP NYC is no exception to this traditional right of passage, to not only develop but to expand and today we proudly stand behind that development and the services we now offer to all our clients.

Perfection is in the process and we are slowly perfecting the process of hosting events that creates impact, impression and memories that last for a lifetime.

DJ JP NYC | A Event Entertainment and Management Company in New York City, New York Presents: Our Services


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Click on the link below and fill in the information requested to give us an idea of the event you would like to host, book a meeting through the same portal on our calendar, state your time and place and lets get the ball rolling!

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DJ JP NYC | Event Management & Entertainment

DJ JP NYC offers the best in entertainment with its music services. For us DJing is what started it all, what ignited the flame that has flowered into becoming the number one music entertainment company in New York City.

Our DJ service is an experience like no other bringing worlds together from across the globe. Music is truly the space of life and can dictate the atmosphere of any event through sound and DJ JP NYC has perfected the art of reading the room and applying our personal touch to the ambiance of your special day.

DJ JP NYC is first and foremost a music entertainment service provider and we are proud to continue to offer this as our main service.

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DJ JP NYC | Event Management & Entertainment

Like two peas in a pod or samosa, whatever your delight is, so is a DJ and his MC and DJ JP NYC's Master of Ceremonies services is unrivalled and undisputed in the industry as the best Master of Ceremonies services in New York City.

We bring it and we make it known that it's always with one hundred percent. It may seam trivial how much preparation goes into crowd control and entertainment but its a gift only a few hold.

DJ JP NYC offers master of ceremony services that can easily be the very life of the event, music entertainment and master of ceremonies paired so well that we'll have your enjoying every second of your event.



DJ JP NYC | Event Management & Entertainment

Our Entertainment Services will be everything you will ever need to throw an event that will absolutely blow everyone away.

The Entertainment Services we offer is a service that has been tried and tested over 100s of events throughout the development of DJ JP NYC as group and company.

DJ JP NYC | Our Entertainment Services:
• Traditional Dhol Service
• Live Band Service
• Live Dancer & Choreography Service
• Featured Live Artist Service


Feel our proud traditions and culture through the Dhol Players and Dhol Entertainment Services by DJ JP NYC.

Although listed as traditional, it is traditional in a sense where it is part of our long history and culture but that may be as far as our Indian tradition goes because our Dhol players are absolutely an experience all on their own bring their own ambiance and excitement to an event. 

Entertaining all on their own, Dhol features and Dhol players at our events bring a whole other level to what we do and we are happy to say that we always recommend our Dhol feature with our entertainment packages.

Going deeper into tradition and culture, DJ JP NYC also offers a full traditional Live Band Service where the worlds of the modern and old come together to create an atmosphere as if we were attending an event straight out of the stories told to us by our elders.

A traditional live band at any East Indian event is always a special surprise for our mothers and fathers, grandparents, friends and family, bringing back all those memories of yesteryear and holding true to the strong history we live not only through our gathers but through our culture as we remember our past while we continue to move forward in the modern day.


Bringing the house to their feet... this is exactly the idea behind our Live Dancers & Choreography Service.

DJ JP NYC offers Live Dancers and Choreography Services that quite literally get people on that dancefloor providing an avenue of entertainment that brings your audience together and participating through music, dance, celebration and participation. 

Our dancers and choreography leaders can be entertainment during, throughout and even between showcases from your family and friends and we can definitely get the party started exactly when you'd like to!


Nothing quite says luxury like a Live Artist Feature at an event and DJ JP NYC offers a Live Artist Feature for events and weddings that will speak all your intentions for you. Our Live Artist Feature Service brings you the best in live entertainment for any and all events as part of our entertainment services.


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